Wireless/WLAN Installations

Wireless networks work to enable shared Internet access that facilitates quick communication and transfers of information between electronic devices. Wireless networks also allow Internet access without the need for a connection to a fixed point, effectively avoiding the need for any costly and unsightly cables.

At Select Services, we specialise in the quality installation of a vast number of wireless networks and network systems in residential buildings, commercial properties, healthcare facilities, and a range of other properties and establishments. Our secure, reliable wireless networks and installations are sure to add a new level of efficiency and functionality to your home or business.

Our team of qualified engineers will work closely with you to ensure we design and build a system that is specifically tailored to meet all your requirements. Our expert technical knowledge on the latest, most reliable technology and network infrastructure allow us to provide you with detailed installation and setup services all with minimal disruption

We have extensive experience in providing our clients with the best connections and products, and we are continuously updating our knowledge and skills to suit the latest in next-generation wireless technology. Our competitive quotes also ensure highly cost-effective wireless solutions for your home and business.

Healthcare Networks

Mobility plays an important role in allowing healthcare organisations to ensure the continued safety and optimal care of their patients. With our professionally installed, highly secure wireless networks, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners will be able to receive and distribute important clinical information in real time, regardless of physical location within a healthcare facility.

This ease of access to information will allow immediate emergency action to be taken if necessary, further ensuring the necessary adequate care of patients.

Business Network

Whether you need a wireless connection setup for a small start-up or a large scale corporate facility, our wireless services will ensure your business is provided with stable, secure wireless connections to keep your employees connected. We will provide you with a wireless solution specifically designed and built around your corporate needs, and will guarantee a wide signal coverage with a reliable connection.