Project and Case Studies

Project and Case Studies

Recent new-build Hospital site in Northern Ireland

Following the introduction of a new digital x-ray system (NIPACS) to a hospital site, the network needed to be upgraded to accommodate the increased bandwidth requirements. This includes providing high definition digital images instantly and right across the site, including at the patients’ bedsides.

This required the installation of a reliable and secure wireless network. At the same time, a replacement was sought for the outdated cabling system. A Cat6 system was the preferred choice because it offered the right levels of performance and reliability. However, with space at a premium, it was imperative that the new installation would not take up more room than the old one.
Working with Select Services of Belfast as the installer, the client selected a fully integrated solution from Belden. The key benefit of a single source solution is that all components are fully integrated – and maximum performance can be achieved.
“We decided to use the Belden 2400 system, because it not only exceeded the Cat6 requirements with the cables performing to 250 MHz and a data throughput of 2.4GB, but it also had the unique advantage of having the same cross-sectional area as the existing network which was a critical factor for us.”

The Belden IBDN 2400 DataTwist® Cat6 infrastructure offered exactly the right profile as Belden DataTwist Category 6 LSOH cables have the same physical size as the previously used Cat3, 4, and 5e cables, i.e. they offer a much-improved performance, yet occupy exactly the same amount of space.

Belden IBDN System 2400:

Maximum Space Saving

Advantages of the Belden IBDN 2400 System include easy installation and cable management, coupled with the excellent performance-to-price ratio. The Belden IBDN 2400 System offers proven reliability at Cat6 standards, delivering 250MHz of user bandwidth and supporting data rates up to 2.4GB per second.

Providing the high-performance required for this health care data network. After installation, all network cards were able to run at full speed (1GB full duplex) which significantly reduced time to open large files. After installation, which was approximately 1200 points and 84,000 meters of cable, all network cards were able to run at full speed (1GB full duplex) which significantly reduced time to open large files.

The change-over from existing to new cabling was effectively achieved with an initial downtime of only 20 minutes per user. Final cabinet changeover took place at a time when the number of users was at an absolute minimum. The overall downtime was around 3 hours, critical users were supplied with temporary outlets to provide cover during this time. Once the transfer was complete, and the old system redundant, all old cabling was carefully removed throughout and new cabling was presented to the cabinet by way of new basket
containment. All terminations were carried out to Belden Category 6 standards.

Client feedback: “It was a very smooth installation. The Select Services team is clearly highly experienced working in hospitals – and they understand the issues of working in a large, busy hospital, where there is never a good time to make changes. However, they managed to switch off the system, re-plug and visit all the desktops efficiently and without issues; everything worked the first time. And an additional benefit is that the operating temperatures in the closets have dropped from 35° to about 25° – so there is less need for Cooling.”
“Overall, the whole installation could not have gone better. We know that the system is working well, because we have experienced a significant drop in calls to the Service Desk. With this Belden and Trapeze Networks infrastructure, we are seeing a 360° benefit across the site.”