Network Cabling

Cabling and Installation

At Select Services, our aim is to provide our clients with a highly efficient solution to their network cabling infrastructure needs. We are able to assist with connections in homes, residential properties, offices, and even entire building infrastructures with fibre backbone requirements.

We provide clients with a single source for expert knowledge, as well as high-quality products. Our dedicated team is capable of building effective wired and wireless networks, and are fully qualified to tailor a solution to suit your current and future needs. Additionally, we are also able to consult, advise, design, build, install, test, and support your entire network infrastructure, ensuring a complete service.

Cable Testing

Select Services also provides a complete and comprehensive network and cable testing, the results of which are essential in confirming professional installation and termination practices. We use the latest LAN testers available which show full results on Length, Attenuation, Wiremap, Return Loss, NEXT, ELFEXT, PSNEXT and PSELFEXT, all of which offer results superior to Wiremap only testing.

At Select Services we endeavour to use only the best materials and products on the market today. All of our engineers are fully certified and have vast experience of installing, configuring, and testing networks.