CCTV and IP Door Access

At Select Services, we provide the installation of an extensive range of CCTV equipment, as well as the full setup of IP Networks utilising all remote access capabilities. We are also providers of all necessary IP door access components required to ensure more secure and controlled access to your property.


Closed Circuit Television Systems can play an important role in securing the safety of your family and employees, and even your property itself. We offer the installation of a number of necessary CCTV components, including:

  • Cameras
  • Cabling
  • DVRs/NVRs

IP Door Access

IP door access systems allow you to connect your door control system to your existing IP network making installation less expensive and management easier. It takes advantage of new emerging technologies to change the way in which security and access is delivered, with card readers and IP cameras plugged directly into your existing IP network. Traditional systems tended to be more complicated to install maintain and manage, whereas IP access control allows your security system to be controlled on a PC in your office.

IP-based camera surveillance systems are growing rapidly in popularity due to their ease of installation, flexibility, and low cost of ownership. They provide new functionality not previously available in traditional analogue cameras. They can be added to the network allowing event driven actions to trigger the camera to take JPEG images of the person swiping the card.

The reader and camera can draw power directly from the network itself, which greatly reduces installation costs. Using IP-based equipment, this provides the advantages of accessing your CCTV/door access systems remotely, through mobile devices and smartphones. Our team of experts will ensure that your IP door access system is in full working order, allowing you to effectively control and regulate access into your building.