Blown Fibre Installations

Blown Fibre is perfectly suited to multi-phase projects, or where business needs for the cabling infrastructure are not determined at the outset. This is why blown fibre is a popular choice for large office developments or campus environments where cabling infrastructure is often installed in phases over a long period of time.

It has also been deployed in areas where minimum disruption is required, such as airport runways. A Blown Fibre System enables optical networks to be deployed on demand from one point of a network to another using compressed air to blow optical fibre into pre-installed tubes. At Select Services, our trained technicians are fully certified and experienced in the installation of Blown Fibre Systems, ensuring you get the best in high-speed fibre connections.

Network Flexibility

With continued network demand, deciding on the right IT infrastructure can be a gamble for IT Managers. Blown Fibre gives users the reassurance that cables can be either blown in or blown out, and upgraded if the need arises. There is no restriction to initial fibre counts, and expansion is available through larger fibre count units. Additionally, fibres can also be easily re-allocated and any damaged fibres can quickly be replaced with limited disruption to the end user.

Cost Deferment

The blown fibre specifier can enjoy budgetary benefits from the fact that the fibre is deployed as and when required, thereby spreading payment across different budgetary periods. When traditional fibre systems are installed, the decision is often made to install more fibre than required to avoid the cost of future upgrades. These extra fibres are known as ‘dark’ fibre.

Blown Fibre eliminates the need for ‘dark’ fibres by deploying empty tubes and blowing fibre on demand thereby reducing initial capital expenditure and deferring costs. Owners of multi-tenanted buildings often specify a blown fibre cabling infrastructure because it means the new tenants can take advantage of an existing cabling infrastructure, as and when they move into the building.

Additional benefits of Blown Fibre

  • Simplified planning – The network is built according to today’s needs, and fibre count can be increased as demand grows
  • Cost effective – Install empty tubes and only pay for fibre as and when required, spreading capital
  • Minimum disruption – Continuous upgrade and repair of the network with minimal installation cost and disruption
  • Future-proofing of the network build
  • Easy upgrades, including branched and extended networks, allowing maximum flexibility and uninterrupted fibre blowing right to the destination
  • Simplified emergency restoration